New Brew Friday- Big Ditch Brewing

I'm closing out the Buffalo recap with Big Ditch; a fantastic new brewery and restaurant that just opened downtown.  These guys aren't exactly new to the brewery scene. I tried a bunch of their brews at a Gene McCarthy's beer dinner years ago. I wasn't blown away by anything then but obviously they've done some serious tinkering because the overall quality and flavor of their beers have improved tremendously.

Their flagship brew was the Hayburner, so named for the work horses used to construct the nearby Erie Canal.  It's a crisp, refreshing IPA with soft, citrus notes perfect for just about any occasion. For a bolder brew the Hayburner with Citra was an excellent choice with big juicy flavors of mandarin orange and melon with just a slightly bitter finish. 

The food menu at Big Ditch incorporates all the Buffalo staples like crisp chicken wings dressed with spicy Hayburner IPA sauce...

...handcut fries served with a choice of dipping sauces like malt vinegar aioli...

...and a massive platter of Macaroni and Cheese studded with caramelized onion and smoked bacon that could easily feed a family of four.  Cheers to next time Buffalo!

Big Ditch Brewing
55 East Huron Street
Buffalo, NY 14203