Happy Hour at Flatiron Lounge

 I've been on a mission to rediscover some of my old favorites in the city and the Flatiron Lounge was the perfect place to start.  This bar was pretty much flawless when it opened way back in 2003 and it hasn't lost a step.  From the sexy curved banquettes to the low playing jazz...it's just a fantastic place to hang out and have a delicious cocktail or two from the always fabulous Julie Reiner.

The Beijing Peach is a gorgeous blend of Jasmine vodka, peach puree and lime.  It's a touch fruity and tropical...something to whisk away all the worries in life and make everything seem just wonderful.

Plus it's only $9 during their happy hour from 5- 7...it doesn't much better than that.

37 West 19th Street between 5th & 6th
New York, NY 10011