Brunch at Dover

I've been dying to try out this cute Carroll Gardens spot but could never quite get a reservation until we walked by on a Saturday afternoon.  The usually packed space was downright empty.  In fact we weren't even sure they were open until the lovely hostess ushered us in.

The brunch menu is small with only six main dishes and a few specials.  To begin they brought out a Fried Dough amuse bouche dusted with powdered sugar.

These piping hot little balls were the perfect simple and delicious start to brunch.  Mr. T ordered the Ruby Red Shrimp Etouffee; a dish neither of us had ever had before.

When it arrived the rich smell of sausage and herbs wafted over the table. I didn't even wait to be offered a bite before diving into a tender morsel of braised chicken and creamy grits.  

Luckily Mr. T shooed me away so I could enjoy my own outstanding dish the Tuna Salad sandwich. 

Two slices of super fluffy focaccia bread layered with thick cut bacon, lettuce, tomato and some of the best tuna salad I've ever tasted.  It had just the right amount of tarragon and lemon mixed in with a side of crispy herb potato chips.

We tacked on a side of bacon to share.  Who can say no to a maple sherry glaze...I certainly can't.  It was just a delicious and delightful brunch.  I'm honestly a little worried since the space stayed empty the entire time we dined.  I really want them to keep serving brunch but I really don't want the brunch crowds to find it.  So go and enjoy...but just don't tell 
anyone :)

412 Court Street
Brooklyn, New York 11231