Getting the Munchies at Ample Hills

Ample Hills is hands down the best ice cream in town.  And scorching hot days like today make my summer mission seem easy to accomplish...try each and every Ample Hills flavor.  This feat is going to be quite difficult given that they introduce new flavors almost every week and the fact I'm a bit lactose intolerant BUT until my stomach completely shuts down I'm giving it a whirl and kicking things off with The Munchies.

Pretzel infused ice cream swirled with clusters of Ritz Crackers, potato chips, pretzels and mini M&M's.  It's a creamy delicious blend of butter, salt and chocolate....three of my favorite food groups.  I'm not sure how far I'll get but I'm certainly loving the start to this challenge!

Ample Hills Creamery
Multiple locations in NYC