Westville Hudson

There are so many fabulous reasons to love Westville and it begins with the food.  They have a dizzying array of market sides that are some of the best crafted veggies in the city. They always have an egg scramble on the menu for those of us who like breakfast morning, noon and night :) Plus the service is usually fast, friendly and affordable.

I stopped by their newest location in Tribeca for an evening scramble of spinach, fresh herbs and smoked gouda.  The dish was excellent as always but I was shocked to see how large and bustling this location was....easily six times the original and with a full bar!  They had a couple drink specials going on...one red wine, one white, a local draft beer and this Cucumber Gimlet.  

It was bright and refreshing...not something I would recommend with an egg scramble but a delicious discovery nonetheless!  This new Tribeca location may be my favorite one yet.



Unknown said…
Westville is totally taken for granted! Its been a favorite if mine for years, the e village location- the daily veggie specials always lure me in and i have to get the portugese muffin too, like a slightly sweet puffy chewy english muffin.
Roze said…
Agreed- solid awesome food. I have yet to get the Portuguese Muffin! Looks like I need to stop in again soon!