Back to Aquagrill

With so many new restaurants popping up in the city all the time it's not often that I find myself  at a repeat, but this week I made it back to both Gramercy Tavern and one of my old stand by's Aquagrill.  The bread here is outstanding...crusty baguette, spicy jalapeno cornbread and my absolute favorite a plump buttery slice of focaccia topped with chunks of onion.

The lunch menu is much more affordable than dinner with lots of tasty options like the Grilled Rare Yellowfin Tuna with avocado, arugula and onion.  They don't skimp on the seafood and you get to choose a side of salad, fries or half and half.  I love the half and half option. It keeps me coming back more often than I choose to admit.

Plus the bar always has a ton of action going on from the oyster shucking in the corner to the bubbly SOHO shoppers planning out their next plan of attack.  It's great to be back at an old stand by again.