Truffles at Fika

Fika is probably my favorite espresso place in the city.  This little shop translates to "coffee break" in Swedish and they make the perfect macchiato and churn out some of the best chocolates in the city.

My go-to is the Macadamia but recently I've been switching it up with these other three...a silky white chocolate champagne truffle, creamy Bailey's and a crunchy Hazelnut Gianduja.

You really can't go wrong with anything they make be it coffee, chocolate or one of their delicious pastries.  So do as the Swedes do and take a little fika once in a while.



Mel said…
Try the "Adam"- its a burnt caramel chocolate that an intern (named Adam) created while trying to make a salted caramel chocolate. Delicious!
Roze said…
Oooh! I saw that at the 28th St. location the other day...definitely will be checking it out thanks!