New Financier!

I was so excited that a branch of Financier opened right over on 6th Avenue and 22nd Street. What’s not to love about a place that gives you free little cakes every time you get a drink. It’s like my dream come true!

I swung by the other day and ordered my usual double espresso and took a spot looking out the window to the side. I started to open up myl little almond cake when I realized this cake looked different. This wasn’t a usual financier?

It was chocolate! A chocolate financier with little bits of shaved almond on top! I had never gotten a different flavor before. Am I behind on this? Is it possible their have been different flavors all along and I have just been getting the almond one somehow each and every time I go? I was shocked to say the least. It was a pretty tasty little cake but I have to say I enjoy the original a bit better. Maybe I’m just a creature of habit but the almond cake just goes with their coffee. Well that certainly took me by surprise however. A chocolate financier, what will they think of next.

Financier Patisserie