Brunch at Five Points

Saturday Morning I awoke for the best thing ever. Brunch! You all know Mr. T’s feeling on brunch so whenever I have the chance to actually enjoy one I get so excited! Today’s was at Five Points, long been known as a fabulous brunch destination for its food and atmosphere. Walking inside it was evident that it was very popular. There was a line out the door but luckily we had reservations and sat right away.

I started off with a tasty White Peach Bellini but I wish I had ordered this Rosemary Bloody Mary instead. Wow! Huge salt crystals rimmed the glass and the wonderful smell of rosemary filled the air when you tipped the spicy drink back. It was a seriously tasty Bloodie.

The one thing they offer here that excited me more than anything were churros! I love churros and they are so hard to find in this city! So our very first brunch dish were the Churros with Mexican Hot Chocolate. These were so freaking fantastic. The churros were still warm, having been pulled from the oil only moments before and super light. The cinnamon sugar exterior had a fabulous crunch while the interior was slightly undercooked and doughy, just the way I like my churros. They were perfect on their own but the thick Mexican hot chocolate was icing on the cake! I wish we had gotten 2 or 3 orders honestly!

For our main dishes we all had a lot of trouble ordering- everything on the menu sounded fabulous. In the end we spilt right down the middle, two of us got the Baked Egg Whites with Spinach, Yukon Potatoes, Grana Cheese and Di Palo’s Smoked Mozzarella while the other two ordered the Eggs Rancheros with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa, Corn Tortillas, Vermont Aged Cheddar.

I have to say I think we were all slightly disappointed in our mains. My Egg White dish came and looked fabulous but it didn’t have to ton of flavor. I was expecting a lot of smokiness from the cheese but unfortunately the Yukon Potatoes really dominated this dish. I enjoy a lot of flavor in the morning and all I really got was boiled potato. It needed a little something extra.

The other girls thought the Eggs Rancheros were lacking some flavor as well. It truly was just eggs, salsa and chips. I little black bean or avocado might have amped it up a bit. So overall the food was good but needed something a little extra. Or maybe we just ordered wrong. Some of the other dishes sounded so good and the churros were so fabulous I would still go back in a heartbeat.

Five Points