Little Cheese Pub

First of all, doesn’t this name just make you picture a cozy, wooden little nook with fabulous aromas of bubbling, oozy cheeses? It did for me and I wasn’t really that far off. The Little Cheese Pub just opened on the west side of 23rd Street by the owners of Klee Brasserie.

The space is just as its labeled- little. With a squat wooden table up front and 3 long tables in the back with some two seaters on the side. The whole place has a rustic, country side feel that’s incredibly easy to settle into. I mean really- what’s better than lolling around Saturday afternoon enjoying cheese and wine?

The menu had about 15 different cheeses and we decided to try out three to begin. From left to right we have the Casatica di Bufala Lombardy, Grand Cru Gruyere and Gourmino. I honestly liked all of these cheeses but my favorite in the end was the Castica di Bufala. I always love the buffalo milk cheeses. They’re so creamy and satisfying, almost like dessert. I only wish the accompanied spread was something I enjoyed. It was a blend of apples and mustard seeds that really had a weird sour taste to it. I say stick with what works best- figs and honey.

The Little Cheese Pub also has six different kinds of Mac and Cheese. The first one we dabbled in was the Dutch Kaas Mac made with aged Gouda and a beer pretzel topping. I thought this was pretty awesome. The large noodles were more than ample for carrying a nice little bowl of melty Gouda cheese. The beer pretzel topping gave it a fantastic crunch but I wished they had used salted pretzels. A little bit of salt on the top really would have blown this out of the water and amped up the cheesy goodness.

The next Mac and Cheese…well all I can say is this is ridiculous. The French Man Mac combines Morbier Cheese with balsamic onions and duck meatballs. This thing would put the calorie and fat count of KFC'S Double Down to shame.

Look at all that creamy, cheesy duck meatball goodness! This dish was really good at first but quickly became way too rich for me. They used a bit too much balsamic to caramelize the onions and the sweetness just over took the dish. I would recommend trying this one but only with a group. Our group of three didn’t even finish the whole thing and we ordered a single serving.

So the Little Cheese Pub is certainly a nice new addition to the neighborhood. They just got their liquor licence and have begun serving a limited selection of beer and wine. As I said in the beginning it’s certainly a place to get cozy in. My friends left for the MET and I didn’t even want to move. Luckily Mr. T had shown up at that point and he helped motivate me through the rest of the day.

Good thing he did because we had a lot to do. I leave for Mexico three days from now and the wedding is in six! It's officially go time. Gotta start getting into bikini shape- beach time is soon!

Oh Shit. I just ate a pound of cheese and some duck meatball. Maybe I’ll go look for a nice cover up instead…

The Little Cheese Pub