My Saturday with the ladies continued after Five Points with champagne and manicures at Eden Spa, cocktails at Cooper Square and the Soho Grand and finally onto dinner at newly opened Millesime in the Carlton Hotel.

I hadn’t been inside since it was the restaurant Country and I have to say I like the redesign. The downstairs lounge is more dark and comfortable while the upstairs restaurant is bright and lively like a traditional French brasserie should be. They even kept the French trend going with these cute salt and pepper shakers.

We got seated right near the raw bar and set out to ordering some drinks. I’ll say this right now. The only part of the meal I was disappointed in was the wine list. I was absolutely shocked. The cheapest bottle on the list was $55 and it rose exponentially from there. For a place that has $18-$20 entrees and bills itself as a casual seafood restaurant I was appalled. One of the things I love about the great restaurants of NYC is finding excellent and affordable wines. Daniel, Del Posto, Gramercy Tavern, Cru (when it was open), I could go on and on, but all of them had something wonderful wines in my price range. This just didn’t fit the restaurant and really made the choice of bottle difficult. But enough on that- it was my bachelorette and we certainly weren’t going to pass. So we ordered a Sancerre and they brought out our first appetizer.

This is the Cesar Grillee with Grilled Romaine, Smoked Black Cod, Parmesan and Lime. Well you all know what a Cesar Salad freak I am and this was just delicious! I loved how the parmesan was a little warm and melty from the grilled greens and the lime juice brought a great acidity to the smoky cod. I could have had this entire plate as my entrée. I loved it that much.

Our other appetizer was the Hamachi Tartare with Lime, Ginger Cream and Shiso. I’ve never been a big ginger fan so I didn’t love that flavor here but the dish overall was tasty. For as much as I hate ginger, I love shiso. I think they balanced each other out in the end. For entrees they have a page of mussels and then about six different grilled fish with a choice of accompanying sauce. Yay! Who doesn’t love a dipping sauce! I ordered the Casco Cod with Lemon Mousseline.

Look at how simply prepared and wonderful this fish looks. I can never cook fresh cod this way- it was so moist and buttery. The lemon mousseline was also the perfect choice. It brought richness to the dish and played up the Parisian theme of the food well. I would order this again in a heartbeat.

For our sides we ordered Gratin of Root Vegetables, Mushrooms Fricassee and Pommes de Terre Mousseline. All of these sides were delicious with the Mushroom Fricassee and Pommes de Terre being my favorite. Probably because both contained a ton of butter, but hey that’s part of the reason I love French cuisine!

Onto espressos and dessert with some adorable Pot de Crème flavored with espresso and caramel. What’s not to love about this meal!!! (Oh yeah-the wine list) Seriously though the food was wonderful.

Another plus was the lounge downstairs playing music The tunes wafted upstairs to the restaurant and it really brought such a fun vibe to the place. I liked it so much we went downstairs for a few after drinks before heading to the Hurricane Club for Coconut cocktails.

Millesime is a great new addition to a neighborhood in need of some clean, grilled fish dishes. If they start to offer more affordable bottles I see this becoming one of my go to dinner places. All in all a fabulous evening!



That ceasar looks phenomenal!!! I am a huge ceasar salad fan, too! Must put this on my list of places to try :)