Happy Saturday Cocktails!

It’s the weekend and after the week I had at work I really need two or three cocktails! And what better place to tipple at than Temple Bar. This place is definitely one of my favorite bars in the city. The gorgeous wooden bar up front is perfect for some romantic conversation. Head to the back for some more lively conversation with friends at one of their round wooden tables. Anywhere I sit makes me feel like I’ve been transported back to the New York of 50 years ago.

I was there last Saturday and enjoyed a lovely Kir Royale with some friends. It’s not exactly an exciting drink but I wasn’t feeling any of their other cocktails that night. However they do make a pretty mean Old Fashioned which I’ve been known to enjoy. The other drink in the picture is the Riviera Spritzer that looked delicious as well.

They also have some fabulous little snacks but don’t pass up the free popcorn! I have no idea what makes it so tasty, maybe some sort of beet chip mixed in with the kernels? I’m not sure- all I know was that whole bowl was gone before I even realized what happened last. Luckily they replenish them quickly.

Temple Bar is simply fabulous. It’s almost never too crowded to get a seat, the cocktails are wonderful and once again- free popcorn!

Temple Bar