Caffe Lavazzo at Eataly

As I continue my tour of all things Eataly I decided to go back to the start where Caffe Lavazzo serves up some very tasty coffee drinks. They have everything that you would expect espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, etc. but also some really unique twists. My current favorite is the Piedmonte.

They take a double espresso, stir in a little bit of cocoa powder, throw on a hefty dollop of whipped cream (note how much I got and I said light on the whip) and then top it off with some freshly grated dark chocolate flakes.

I love this drink. I’m not a big whipped cream fan but here it doesn’t matter too much. The whipped cream they use is firm and doesn’t melt easily. As a result each sip of espresso kind of ran through the cracks of cream allowing the bitter espresso flavor to stay true with only a hint of frothy cream.

The cocoa power simply gave the drink more depth and really didn’t add too much sweetness. As soon as I finished my first I contemplated getting a second. Would four espressos be too much in one sitting? Probably.

I had been obsessing so much about the wondrous Piedmonte last time I went I decided I had to take a break from it and try something new. This time I got something with a very long name but essentially an espresso with hazelnut mousse.

This time I didn’t say light on the mousse and man I was given a ton! My father would have been thrilled as he always takes the whipped cream off my desserts and adds it to his. The hazelnut mousse was very tasty but I didn’t really enjoy it with the espresso as much as I wanted to. After having the Peidmonte so much this drink just felt very one dimensional and boring.

Listen to me…one awesome coffee drink and I’m a coffee snob! That's just the way I roll. I’m excited to go back and check out their Bicerin. What a perfect warm wintery drink!