Dining Room of Gramercy Tavern Lunch

I’m slightly behind on my posting so please bear with me. Between the holidays, blizzards and guests I’ve been pretty wrapped up. So let’s go back to the very start of all this madness with our first day off for the holidays. Mr. T’s brother and wife were in town so we met up with them for a lovely lunch at my favorite place- Gramercy Tavern.

I frequent the Gramercy Tavern a good amount but I hadn’t eaten in the back dining room in years! It was nice to have a totally different menu than I’m used to albeit more expensive. They offered a fantastic looking tasting menu for $58 but we were heading up to Mr T’s parents house that afternoon and I was pretty sure that we would be stuffing our faces up there all night. A la carte seemed to be a much better option.

For my appetizer I ordered the Red King Crab with Sunchokes and Apples. The crab meat was so sweet and delicious I would have enjoyed this purely on its own, however I really liked the tart apples slices in contrast to the meat.

For my entrée I had the Braised Lamb Shoulder with Heirloom Beans, Wild Mushrooms and Brussels Sprouts. This dish was wonderful. The lamb was intensely rich and incredibly moist due to the braising. I always love brussel sprouts but I was surprised how much I enjoyed the mushrooms. There must have been about 4 or 5 different kinds on the plate and each one brought a whole new flavor to the dish that was exciting.

We skipped dessert and enjoyed the free petit fours at the end of the meal instead. It was simply a lovely meal. I didn’t think the holidays could start off any better but then we threw in a quick drink at Rolf’s and some wine at Eataly before heading out! Now that is an awesome start to Christmas!

Gramercy Tavern