Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a joyous night out last night and is looking forward to the coming year! As always I have a Wish List of places to dine at in the coming year. Last year I had 16 places on my list and I made it to 8- exactly 50 %. The list was way too long and aggressive so I’ve been a little smarter about choices this year I hope. I’m also assuming Mr. T and I will have enough money to go on a honeymoon to Paris and London which is why you’ll see some international places in there as well. So here goes nothing- my 2011 Wish List of new places to check out!

ABC Kitchen (completed 1/24/11)
Flex Mussels
Riverpark (completed 2/1/11)
Il Trulli
Kin Shop
Lot 2
Bouley (completed 1/20/11)
Compose (closed)
Frenchie (Paris)
St John Bar & Restaurant (London)

And these two I’m bringing over from last year:
Locanda Verde
Bonnie’s Grill (wings)

We’ll see how I do! Cross your fingers for some good eats this year!


Ben said…
We just went back to see my family in London and had a great meal at St John Bread and Wine, which I'd almost recommend above the main St John, in case that's useful. A little more varied menu with lots of smaller dishes and pleasantly informal. The Dock Kitchen and the Anchor and Hope are also excellent. We also went to Paris for a couple of nights and you should definitely consider Saturne, a new place which does a great value menu, and, for a splurge, l'Arpege at lunch, when you can tell them to give you whatever they want ("carte blanche") and you get 3 hours of amazing deliciousness without them charging you any more than the usual lunch menu (still expensive at 130 euros per person but worth it). The atmosphere there is far less stuffy (no jackets required) than your usual super-fancy Parisian restaurant.
Roze said…
Thanks for all in info Ben! Last time we were in London we did St.John Bread and Wine and loved it!! That's why we thought maybe to check out the original this time around. Anchor and Hope was actually on my list as well! For sure we'll make it this time.

So I've just started my Paris research. L'arpege sounds wonderful. Do you have any recs for an amazing steak tartare somewhere? I assume most places make it well but anything outstanding? Thanks!
Ben said…
The regular St John is definitely worth visiting then. For the Anchor&Hope at dinner time, it's worth getting there either before 6 for the first seating or around 7:30 in time to get your name down for the second. Sunday lunch there is fun too, and you can book. Their sister restaurant Great Queen Street takes reservations and is more central and about as good. The River Cafe is another very special place but expensive. Chez Georges on the rue du Mail might well do a good tartare although it's not something we usually order. They're well known for their steak frites, which is why I suggest it, and the atmosphere is good. For Parisian ideas, the France chowhound board can actually be very useful (more so than the Manhattan one in a way) and there's an opinionated guy called "souphie" who posts regularly on it whose recommendations are particularly reliable.