Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween with Banana Cake Truffles!!

I’m sure you all know by now that I am obsessed with the Birthday Cake truffles at Momofuku Milk Bar. So obsessed that it’s taken me months of going there to finally break away and try out the Banana Cake Truffle.

Exactly the same in size and shape to the other cake truffles, this one is coated on the outside with some crumbly gianduja fudge. The crumbs kind of reminded me of the cake crispies on the outside of an ice cream cake (Fudgy the Whale hee hee!).

The inside was a dense, nutty cake packed full with banana.

At first I thought the cake was a little too dense and I missed the amount of hazelnut crunch that the original cake used to have. However when I finished the first, I found myself going back for a second. This time there was a better balance of hazelnut crunch. Still not as much as the cake has but much more than my first truffle. I was absolutely loving these! It took a lot of restraint but somehow I made it home with one left for Mr. T. Possibly my new obsession? That’s a fact. They also have a new flavor out for the autumn season-Apple Pie Cake with a Cheesecake filling. Happy Halloween!

Momofuku Milk Bar

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I was invited to help judge a Crockpot cook off last week by the American Pork Association. Who in their right mind would ever turn down an opportunity for free meat and drink? The event was held at the beautiful Hudson Terrace over on West 46th Street. The view from the building was spectacular and the crowd really had a nice relaxing vibe.

Since the event was all about using the Crockpot most of the food was already cooked and ready to go when I arrived. I was about to dive right in when a waiter walked by and handed me a Bacon Vodka, Jack Daniels and Maple Syrup cocktail to start.

Well this was certainly sticking with the theme of the event. I had actually been curious about the new bacon vodka and I have say it was pretty good. Unfortunately my drink tasted a bit too sweet from the maple syrup and I ended up only having a little before moving on. (Sorry the pictures aren't the best- the lighting was a little strange).

As I was trying out my cocktail the waiter kept coming back with delicious little items like cheesy pork sliders, prosciutto wrapped melon and mini grilled cheeses. I kept eating these not realizing until too late that I still had to try all of the dishes to judge!

In the end I did try everything and meet some wonderful cooks who were super friendly and very proud of their food. There was such diversity in the way the pork was cooked. One dish highlighted the use of figs (This Little Piggy Stayed Home- cute name!), one paired pork with artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes and another made pork meatballs with angel hair pasta and fresh parmesan cheese.

My favorite dish of the night ended up being the Carnita Tacos on a flour taco with guacamole and spicy slaw. The shredded pork was super moist and the slaw had a great kick that I absolutely loved.

I looked around to put my vote in for this dish and couldn’t find the box. Then I realized this wasn’t a dish to vote on! This was a special dish made by one of the guest judges Candace Cameron! That’s right- otherwise known as DJ Tanner from Full House!

Well I’m not sure what that says about me but she made some damn good tacos. So much so that I’m trying out her recipe this week! In the end the sweetest contestant I meet that night, Linda Cifuente from Illinois, Sauerkraut Beer Pork won the competition and she was thrilled.

It was a wonderful event and they even sent us home with a delightful bag filled with goodies like a Vosges Bacon Chocolate bar, some disposable Crockpot bags and all of the night’s recipes. It was an absolutely fabulous event that I think everyone enjoyed. Congrats to all of the contestants and the National Pork Association!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Das Oktoberfest!

This past weekend we had a ton of fun over on the west side with the Das Oktoberfest Celebration. The event was held in the La Venue space and they really did a great job of getting a lot of people inside without it feeling like a total madhouse. Those who opted for the VIP ticket had their own separate room off to the side with some special beers and an outdoor cigar smoking section. Each ticket included four hours of as much beer, wine and spirits you could sample and a plate of classic German fare.

This was our platter loaded up with a wurst, frankfurt, brat, ham and bacon. The meats were pretty good. The wurst and frankfurt were my favorites but all of the options were quite tasty.

Thank goodness because the sides were awful. The spatzle noodles were dry and hard with nothing resembling a creamy cheesy sauce.

The side of schnitzel wasn’t very good either. My piece was just really bland but my friend’s piece was so undercooked that the center was raw! Yuk!!

Luckily this event was more about the beer and festivities. They had a couple fun Oompahs bands playing up front and everyone was in a great mood.

Once I had my pretzel necklace laced up for me it was time to get down to some serious beer tasting. I think I tried almost every beer that night but in the end it came down to two of my old standby breweries that ended up being my favorites. Ommegang was pouring a new Belgian Pale Ale this was really refreshing and incredibly drinkable. They get second place overall in my book.

First place goes to Goose Island because once again there is just nothing as good as their Matilda. I don’t know what it is about that beer but I absolutely love it. They were pouring their new Harvest Ale as well which I had just tried last week in Buffalo!

Overall I thought it was a great event with some areas for improvement in food. The VIP section seemed to be out of many of their special beers as well and it was only the second session! The ones they were pouring paled in comparison to the ones outside so that wasn’t really a plus for me. However the calm open space and empty bathrooms were worth the price of the VIP ticket. Plus there was a ton of wine and spirit options so even if you didn't like beer you could find something to enjoy. So there you have- Das Oktoberfest! Prosit!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Panya Treat

I just love going into Panya. It’s so much different than your average dessert shop. I finally purchased one of their signature items the other day a Green Tea Tiramisu.

Well for a signature item I was kind of disappointed. I love green tea desserts, I’ve even had the green tea macaroons here and thought they were great. However this just fell flat. The cake didn’t have much green tea flavor at all and for a tiramisu style cake it should have had more moisture. The top of the dessert definitely had green tea taste but the texture was so weird it seriously put me off. Remember the show Double Dare? All I could think about was that green slime. It was pretty similar.

So Panya let me down a little bit with this one but I guess that’s okay. I’ll just stick to my current fav the berry berry mousse instead.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Almond at the Madison Square market

Just a reminder to go out this weekend and enjoy some of the beautiful fall weather we’ve been having. It’s the last weekend of the Madison Square market and I’ve been so busy I still haven’t eaten everything offered.

I got one step closer however with this Moroccan Meatball sandwich from the Almond stand. I know it says Moroccan but man this was a lot spicier than I had anticipated. From the outside it looks like any meatball marinara. However one bite in and its’ obvious this is loaded with a ton of spices. Mr. T and I were both coughing a little bit after just from the shock. However it was a very tasty sandwich and they gave you quite a lot of lamb inside.

So get on over to check out some of the stands before it’s too late. Whether its cookies and cider from the Apple Orchard or beer and wine from Resto- there’s something for everyone. The market shuts down Saturday so you only have a couple days left!

Madison Square Market

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Quick Recap of Buffalo

I was back home this past week visiting my family and friends in the Buffalo area. I only make it back about twice a year these days so each visit is jam packed with as much as possible. And by that I mean as much food and drink as possible!

My first meal of the trip was Thursday night at where else but the Bar Bill. If you want to see pics go here but the wings and weck were perfect as always.

Friday rolled around and after a gluttonous stop at Mighty Taco it was time for a weekend tradition- Fish Fry. Almost every single restaurant in the Western New York area have fish fry’s on Fridays and people line up out the door for the hefty platters. It was no different in East Aurora at newly food centric Riley Street Station. We showed up at 4:45 and almost couldn’t get a seat. Buffalo LOVES the early Bird dinners!

I went for the Broiled Haddock which came with the classic accompaniments of coleslaw, macaroni salad, french fries and a plastic cup of tarter sauce. This was a really big piece of haddock and cooked very well. Unfortunately though someone got a little heavy handed with the seasoning on top and some bites were so peppery it made my throat burn. They could also add some more pickle to their tarter sauce but the fries were extra crispy and the dining companions were great. Overall it was a success.

Saturday was lunch at Rick’s on Main Street where I tried out the Crab Cake Sandwich and Chicken Salad platter. Now to me, crab cake’s already have enough breading so I just took the roll off and enjoyed them on their own. There were huge chunks of sweet crab meat with sour and sweet thai chili sauce for dipping. Yum!!!

The Chicken Salad Platter was absolutely enormous. It came stuffed inside a tomato with a blueberry muffin and fruit salad. It could have been breakfast and lunch combined! Unfortunately it was a little like the haddock at Riley’s. Some bites perfect, some super peppery. Maybe it’s a WNY thing? But I really enjoyed the meal and our service was beyond fantastic.

Sunday was all about pizza and beer. I woke up to some super saucy, super crispy pepperoni pizza and a chicken finger sub from Pasquales and then headed into the city to do a little bar hopping.

Our first stop was the recently opened beer bar the Blue Monk.
With 30 awesome drafts and over 50 different bottles this place is a sight for sore eyes in Labatt Blue centric Buffalo. Ayinger, Goosle Island, Unibrou, Ommegang, Kwak; the names go on and on.

I didn’t enjoy this Belgian sour ale at all but I loved the Goose Island glass it came in. And isn’t half the fun of beer pubs trying something new? Blue Monk didn’t have food when I was there but their menu is going to include pots of mussels and duck fat fries! Know what else….they start selling food today!!! I was three days off unfortunately. I highly suggest you Buffalonians check it out and report back if you can. I really want those duck fat fries!

From there we moved onto to an iconic Buffalo Bar Coles (hence the big Buffalo out front). We only had chicken fingers there but I had to get a picture of the appetizer menu.

Only in Buffalo could you order something sounding like those Egg Rolls. Side of franks- that’s rough! After that we hit up Mr. Goodbar next door and then headed back into East Aurora for some Duvel’s and dinner at Tantalus.

This is our grilled pizza with gorgenzola, arugula, and garlic. The one thing I love about Tantalus pizza is the dough. It’s incredibly thin, almost like a cracker (I would compare it to Vezzo here in the city) with little charred pockets here and there. This pizza would have been pretty good except they forgot to put something on. The garlic! After a few very bland bites we identified the problem and were given some crushed garlic for the side. This certainly made it better but not great. I enjoyed their bacon, spinach and goat cheese pizza much better.

After all this food and beer you would think I’d call it quits for the day but no. We ended the evening just as my trip had begun with chicken wings at the Bar Bill. So even though my flight was delayed getting into Buffalo and out (damn you Jetblue) I had a great time and really packed in as much food and drink as possible.

I'm really hoping Buffalo continues to evolve it's food and drink. Good beer places are a start. Maybe the Blue Monk and Tantalus will start serving beer flights so patrons could try different kinds of beer. I think this would draw in more crowds and give Labatt Blue drinkers an opportunity to try something new. Well here's to hoping.

Riley Street Station

Rick's on Main

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Once again I was working in Brooklyn Heights and craving a spicy tuna roll for lunch. I’ve tried almost everything in the immediate area around Montague Street so I decided to head in further and stumbled across Hibino.

Hibino’s a cute little sushi place on Henry Street that’s so tucked away you could easily pass it on a neighborhood stroll. I didn’t have time to sit down for lunch so I ordered my roll to go and took it back to the office.

Obviously the first thing I noticed was the spicy mayo on top of the roll rather than inside. I haven’t had a spicy tuna roll like this in quite a while and I was actually excited for something different. Unfortunately my excitement would be dulled pretty quickly.

I can’t put my finger on it but it was almost like the tuna had all of its buttery, rich texture and taste squeezed right out of it. I mean this tuna was so bland and boring it was unbelievable. The only spice or flavor I got from the roll at all was directly from the mayonnaise on top. It’s pretty hard to mess up a spicy tuna roll but this one could certainly use some work. I can honestly say I got no satisfaction from this meal whatsoever. So there you have it. My search for a good lunchtime spicy tuna roll will move on.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eat My Chocolate

I was wandering home from work the other day, thinking about how nice a piece of chocolate would be naturally, when I literally stumbled upon Eat My Chocolate. Unfortunately this store is tucked away under some construction scaffolding. I never would have seen it but they placed a big banner with the name on the metal rods to make it look more visible. I have to say the banner is a little cheesy but I completely understand why they did it.

The store itself is tiny but they have some diverse options for such a small display. They had some fabulous looking macaroons in the front window but after having a delicious sample of peanut butter filled chocolate offered by the owner I knew I had to go chocolate all they way.

This is a piece of their Gianduja chocolate with some chopped hazelnuts on top. This chocolate was wonderful. The outer milk chocolate shell was creamy while the inside had a slightly cherry alcohol flavor and was more like a ganache. Really quite wonderful. But here’s the best part- the price! Usually in chocolate shops I would pay about $4.00 for something this size and weight. Here it was just under $2.00. I was worried when it rang up so cheap that I got bad chocolate but no! What a refreshing new little shop. I highly suggest checking this place out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NYC Food and Wine Festival- Grand Tasting

Wohoo! I made it again this year! I was able to score a last minute ticket and made it into Saturday’s sold out Grand Tasting! I was so excited. It was a beautiful day on the waterfront and Mr. T had to work all day so what a better way for me to spend it alone!

I seriously tried each and every item offered but there were way too many to talk about each one. Instead I’ll give a quick run down of just a few.

Braised Short Rib of Beef from Molyvos. This was excellent. The braising of the rib made this meat incredibly tender and the warm semolina on the bottom was a welcome and pleasant surprise.

Hand-Cut Steak Tartare with Romesco and Spanish Boquerones from 10 Downing. I was a little nervous about the anchovy flavor but it wasn’t strong at all. The steak was simply moist and perfect. The French would be impressed.

Kaffir Lime Crab Salad with Truffle Ponzu and Ikura Cavier from Cityhouse. Definite points for presentation and for using Ponzu which I love. I thought the flavors were all spot on and I went back for seconds of these.

Scallop from Wall and Water. I don’t even have the full description of this offering because it was simply awful. The scallop was overcooked and had become a dry gummy mess. It was so tough I couldn’t even cut into it with a fork and had to try and pick up the entire thing for a bite. Not very appetizing for sure.

Hiramasa from Marc Forgione. The man himself was there handing out his dish. I had just watched the latest episode of the Next Iron Chef so I was a little star struck at first. Luckily the dish was just as good he looked! The hiramasa was velvety smooth with bright acidity from the sauce.

This dish was a butter poached lobster with short rib, mashed potato and god knows what else. This was from the Prince Edward Island tourism booth. I was walking by and this large Canadian man literally shoved this item in my face. It was such an forceful move I was a little stunned. I spent a lot of time growing up in Canada! When did they become so aggressive! The dish was a mess. There was no concept- just a bunch of different items thrown in a bowl.

Pork Butt Sandwich from Tipsy Parson. The pork was super moist but I didn’t love the oversized bun. The top was just too big and bready for the amount of fillings in the sandwich.

King Crab, Mango and Avocado Salad from the Capital Grille Wall Street. I really enjoyed this dish. King Crab is always delicious and this kind was especially buttery.

The winner of the night- Pork Belly from Sosa Consulting Group. I picked this dish up and was amazed by how rich and juicy the meat was without those big globs of fat you find on most pork belly. As I went back for my second round I realized who exactly was making the dish- Angelo Sosa from Top Chef! I absolutely loved him on the show and now he had made the best dish! I was psyched. So psyched I went extra cheesy and got my picture taken with him. I blame all the wine on that one.

And I seriously could. Once again the amount of wine, beer and cocktails pouring freely was glorious. Palm, Blue Moon and Negro Modelo were in charge of the beer. There were well over 20 wineries including two of my favs La Crema and Ravenswood. And I can’t even begin to say how much liquor was there! I had more mini cocktails than one should have probably ever!

So that’s it. I got to go again this year and it was a blast. I love the NYC Food and Wine Festival. I wish it could happen every weekend!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hill Country Chicken

Another new opening in my area! Jeesh I don’t know how I’m going to fit into my wedding dress with all of these awesome new food places. Hill Country is pretty famous for its big Texas sized BBQ but now they opened up an off shot that purely about one thing-chicken. Mr. T was feigning for fried chicken the other day so we took a walk over through Madison Square Park and got some to go. We wanted to try a little bit of everything so the Pick of the Chick option seemed like our best bet. For $27 you get two pieces of breast, thigh, drum and wing.

Here are the Hill Country Classic chicken breasts. Well the menu had said these chickens were big but man I wasn’t expecting them to be so huge! One of these almost doubles what you would get at a fried chicken chain.

Here’s a look at the drum. The menu had also said these chickens were humanely raised on an all vegetable diet and then chilled for “superior flavor and juiciness”. Well I got to tell you they were right. This chicken was insanely moist and flavorful all the way through.

They have two styles of fried chicken- Classic and Mama El’s recipe. You’ve been looking at the Classic where the chicken is dipped in buttermilk, floured twice and then seasoned. The Mama El’s style is a little different as you can see below.

Here they use skinless chicken and coat it in a crunchy batter instead. I was kind of shocked about how good this second chicken was. The crispy batter kept the chicken juices in nicely and I didn’t miss any crunchy skin because the batter was so crunchy. Weird but good- believe me.

Our Pick of the Chick also came with four buttermilk biscuits that were the most amazing looking biscuits I had ever seen. They were so fluffy and golden outside they were like little orbs of southern goodness. They tasted almost as good as they looked too with lots of flakey buttery layers.

For our sides we ordered the cheesy fried mashed potatoes. The cheese had a strange fake taste to it- almost plasticy in texture and the potatoes were just really dull. I wouldn’t bother with these next time. I’d round out the meal with one of their fabulous looking pies instead.

Hill Country chicken is definitely a success in my book. The d├ęcor is a little loud- I’m not sure I’d want to eat in there very often because it does feel like a fast food joint a bit. However they do have boxes of wine on the menu. No seriously- you can order an entire box of wine with your meal. I don’t know why but I have to do that at least once. Where else in the country can you sit down to that for dinner! I’ll be back!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Food, Wine and Beer This Week- I Got You Covered!

This month has had so much going on in the realm of food events. I missed out on NYC Craft Beer week this year which kind of stinks so I'm going to try to make up for that by hitting some awesome events this week.

Of course the big guy in town is the New York Food & Wine Festival! I've attended the Meatpacking Uncorked and the Grand Tasting the first two years but this year I have no tickets yet! I'm kind of bummed but maybe last minute I'll bite the bullet and buy some. I can't skip a year can I? It's one of my favorites!

NYC Food and Wine Festival Website

The amount and variety of events is really unbelieveable so get out there and see some food and wine!

For beer lovers Spring Lounge is hosting their own "I Love New York" beer week and you really can't beat the list.

Sunday- Ommegang
Tuesday- Captain Lawrence
Thursday- Brooklyn Brewery
Saturday- Southampton Brewery

Seriously. These are some of my favorite breweries. More info here:
Spring Street Lounge aka Shark Bar
So Hopefully it will be a great week of noshing and tippling around the city. Cheers!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Madison Square Market

Last weekend the Madison Square Market opened up again with lots of unique shopping stalls and a bunch of food and drink vendors. There were a few guys from last year that returned- Cabrito, Wafels and Dinges and Suzette but honestly it mostly newcomers. Iilli, Almond and Resto made sense to me since they are right in the neighborhood. However I was shocked to see two Brooklyn guys- Roberta’s pizza and Pies N Thighs! I have always wanted to try out Roberta’s and don’t make it out to Bushwick that much so that was my first stop last week.

They had some really thick Sicilian slices for $5 called the working man special but I wanted to try out one of their thin crust pies.

Look at this pie! As you can see the crust was gorgeous with lots of charred bubbles and a super foldable middle. The tomato sauce was a little on the sweet side but the fresh mozzarella and basil really shined.

See how it’s made? They brought their little oven outside. How cool is that! This was a very good pizza albeit definitely on the expensive side. I justified the cost because I can walk over here instead of spending some bucks on subway fare.

Another vendor here this year is the Fatty Crew- Fatty Crab, Fatty Cue and Cabrito. I had to pick up one of their Fatty Dogs because they sounded pretty tasty. Basically they made a Bahn Mi with a sausage dog. The sausage had a decent amount of spice so the cool cumber and creamy mayo sauce really brought this dog to a whole new level.

The last item I tried was the Sloppy Goat sandwich from Resto. I wasn’t too sure about this sandwich and I still am a little on the fence about it. Honestly it didn’t taste any different than a sloppy joe. I happen to like sloppy joes but I’m not sure that’s exactly what they were going for.

So that was my first food adventure in the market this year. It runs through October 23rd so you better bet I’ll be back for more.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Hurricane Club

I have to say my excitement level for the opening of the Hurricane Club was just about as high as for the opening of Eataly. Polynesian food, fruity tikki drinks and only steps away from my apartment- what’s not to love.

I somehow missed opening day but the very next night I stopped in for a drink and to check out the space. First of all it’s absolutely gorgeous. Big wooden doors greet you at the entrance and it feels very dark and mysterious walking through. Once inside I was greeted by a large dining room covered with golden chandeliers and a big square bar as the centerpiece.

The bar has a separate menu of little snacks each $12 a piece. I wasn’t exactly hungry and $12 seemed slightly too high for the offerings so I stuck to drinks.

The cocktail menu is divided into multiple numbered categories ranging from frozen drinks and martini’s to large bowl drinks for big groups to share. It was a little bit overwhelming at first but luckily the friendly bartender gave me a break down of the menu.

I ended up ordering the #26 martini which was a blend of vodka, raspberry and yuzu. Obviously this cocktail is beautiful. I loved the raspberry stirrer and the floating flower just made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. The cocktail was extremely tasty. The sweet raspberry and sour yuzu played well off each other and the drink tasted very balanced. I easily could have had another but it was Tuesday night and this lady had a big day at work tomorrow.

Fast forward to Thursday when I received a call from friends who just happened to be in the city for work that day. They wanted to meet up for dinner and drinks so it just seemed like a no brainer to go back for a meal at the Hurricane Club.

After showing them around Eataly for a bit we walked over to the Club and got seated in one of the little alcoves to the left of the main room. It was about 7:30 Thursday night and the main bar area was packed. I love the lively vibe of the place but I was also happy to be seated where I could see all the action but also have some space.

I was so busy talking with friends I didn’t have time to peruse the drink menu again before our waitress came. Feeling my #26 was a safe tasty option from last time I ordered it again along with our food and a round of shots.

Unfortunately the #26 presented this time looked very different from the last. The flower and raspberry stirrer were still there but the alcohol was not. Both my martini glass and my friends weren’t even halfway full! I was shocked by how little they poured.

Unfortunately our #5 shot had some problems as well. It was listed as a blend of spiced rum, passion fruit jello and coconut foam. I’m not sure if it had been mixed earlier in the day then chilled maybe but the whole shot was frozen. We literally toasted, tried to put one down and all came up with a slushy, sticky mess. We thought it was a little strange and when the waitress came over my friend told her about the shots. Well immediately a manager came over and apologized profusely and then took the shots off our check. He was so wonderful I didn’t have the heart to say anything about the missing cocktail as well but I felt pretty confident he would be checking on our drinks from now on.

Maybe he was because my next cocktail a frozen concoction of pisco, strawberry and passion fruit was filled to the brim, frothy and delicious. Whew! Thank goodness. Now the drinks are worked out let’s move onto the food (lighting made these difficult so please forgive me).

Our first round of Poke was Hamachi with Avocado and Yuzu. This dish was excellent. The hamachi was so fresh its texture could almost be described as buttery. The tomatoes and yuzu gave nice acidity to the dish and each bite was bright and refreshing.

Our next Poke was Tuna Toro with Coconut Snow. This poke was fantastic as well. The tuna was presented more like a tartar and the toro was insanely fatty and rich.

Our last appetizers, the Club Coconut Shrimp were probably the least favorite of the starters. The outer casing was too thick and crunchy for my tastes. It really masked the flavor of the shrimp and also made for quite a mess on the table. I can’t imagine ordering these at the crowded bar and trying not to get covered in crunchy shell pieces.

For our mains the two meat dishes were the highlights of the night. The Wok Seared Filet Mignon gets my vote simply because I hadn’t been expecting much and it really blew me away. The steak came in cubes and each bite had a perfectly charred crispy edges and a warm red middle. I wish I had asked what spices they used for the sauce because it was out of this world. I’m sure I could have figured it out eventually but the dish was devoured in about two seconds flat by my friends. I was lucky enough to eat as much as I did.

The other meat highlight was the Honey Glazed Baby Back Ribs. The honey glaze had the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. Also the texture of the sauce was ample enough for flavor but thin enough that my fingers were left virtually clean after each bite.

The Noodles with Lobster was decent but not memorable. It seemed a little strange that there was only one big claw on top. I think cutting the lobster into pieces would make more sense if you encourage people to share their dishes.

The biggest disappointment of the night was the Societe Island Grill Mahi-Mahi. Sorry I don’t have a picture but it was basically overcooked fish on a skewer with six different house sauces. Unfortunately the sauces and fish came out separately so we never really understood that they went together and the fish itself was a dry tasteless mess. This is one dish to avoid.

So there were definitely some hits and some misses at Hurricane Club but I think once the kinks are all worked out this place will be killer. I was able to have a fruity drink out of a coconut, they offer a shoe shine service downstairs along with a shot of rum and I saw a cocktail party bowl on fire. They just need to work on more consistent drinks for sure. However the staffs were extremely friendly and I could tell the managers were trying very hard to make sure everything was running smoothly. This is another welcome addition to the neighborhood for sure.

The Hurricane Club