Eat My Chocolate

I was wandering home from work the other day, thinking about how nice a piece of chocolate would be naturally, when I literally stumbled upon Eat My Chocolate. Unfortunately this store is tucked away under some construction scaffolding. I never would have seen it but they placed a big banner with the name on the metal rods to make it look more visible. I have to say the banner is a little cheesy but I completely understand why they did it.

The store itself is tiny but they have some diverse options for such a small display. They had some fabulous looking macaroons in the front window but after having a delicious sample of peanut butter filled chocolate offered by the owner I knew I had to go chocolate all they way.

This is a piece of their Gianduja chocolate with some chopped hazelnuts on top. This chocolate was wonderful. The outer milk chocolate shell was creamy while the inside had a slightly cherry alcohol flavor and was more like a ganache. Really quite wonderful. But here’s the best part- the price! Usually in chocolate shops I would pay about $4.00 for something this size and weight. Here it was just under $2.00. I was worried when it rang up so cheap that I got bad chocolate but no! What a refreshing new little shop. I highly suggest checking this place out.