Happy Halloween with Banana Cake Truffles!!

I’m sure you all know by now that I am obsessed with the Birthday Cake truffles at Momofuku Milk Bar. So obsessed that it’s taken me months of going there to finally break away and try out the Banana Cake Truffle.

Exactly the same in size and shape to the other cake truffles, this one is coated on the outside with some crumbly gianduja fudge. The crumbs kind of reminded me of the cake crispies on the outside of an ice cream cake (Fudgy the Whale hee hee!).

The inside was a dense, nutty cake packed full with banana.

At first I thought the cake was a little too dense and I missed the amount of hazelnut crunch that the original cake used to have. However when I finished the first, I found myself going back for a second. This time there was a better balance of hazelnut crunch. Still not as much as the cake has but much more than my first truffle. I was absolutely loving these! It took a lot of restraint but somehow I made it home with one left for Mr. T. Possibly my new obsession? That’s a fact. They also have a new flavor out for the autumn season-Apple Pie Cake with a Cheesecake filling. Happy Halloween!

Momofuku Milk Bar