Once again I was working in Brooklyn Heights and craving a spicy tuna roll for lunch. I’ve tried almost everything in the immediate area around Montague Street so I decided to head in further and stumbled across Hibino.

Hibino’s a cute little sushi place on Henry Street that’s so tucked away you could easily pass it on a neighborhood stroll. I didn’t have time to sit down for lunch so I ordered my roll to go and took it back to the office.

Obviously the first thing I noticed was the spicy mayo on top of the roll rather than inside. I haven’t had a spicy tuna roll like this in quite a while and I was actually excited for something different. Unfortunately my excitement would be dulled pretty quickly.

I can’t put my finger on it but it was almost like the tuna had all of its buttery, rich texture and taste squeezed right out of it. I mean this tuna was so bland and boring it was unbelievable. The only spice or flavor I got from the roll at all was directly from the mayonnaise on top. It’s pretty hard to mess up a spicy tuna roll but this one could certainly use some work. I can honestly say I got no satisfaction from this meal whatsoever. So there you have it. My search for a good lunchtime spicy tuna roll will move on.



Have you tried Ki Sushi in Boerum Hill? Not sure of their delivery area - but it was always my go-to when I lived in the area.