Madison Square Market

Last weekend the Madison Square Market opened up again with lots of unique shopping stalls and a bunch of food and drink vendors. There were a few guys from last year that returned- Cabrito, Wafels and Dinges and Suzette but honestly it mostly newcomers. Iilli, Almond and Resto made sense to me since they are right in the neighborhood. However I was shocked to see two Brooklyn guys- Roberta’s pizza and Pies N Thighs! I have always wanted to try out Roberta’s and don’t make it out to Bushwick that much so that was my first stop last week.

They had some really thick Sicilian slices for $5 called the working man special but I wanted to try out one of their thin crust pies.

Look at this pie! As you can see the crust was gorgeous with lots of charred bubbles and a super foldable middle. The tomato sauce was a little on the sweet side but the fresh mozzarella and basil really shined.

See how it’s made? They brought their little oven outside. How cool is that! This was a very good pizza albeit definitely on the expensive side. I justified the cost because I can walk over here instead of spending some bucks on subway fare.

Another vendor here this year is the Fatty Crew- Fatty Crab, Fatty Cue and Cabrito. I had to pick up one of their Fatty Dogs because they sounded pretty tasty. Basically they made a Bahn Mi with a sausage dog. The sausage had a decent amount of spice so the cool cumber and creamy mayo sauce really brought this dog to a whole new level.

The last item I tried was the Sloppy Goat sandwich from Resto. I wasn’t too sure about this sandwich and I still am a little on the fence about it. Honestly it didn’t taste any different than a sloppy joe. I happen to like sloppy joes but I’m not sure that’s exactly what they were going for.

So that was my first food adventure in the market this year. It runs through October 23rd so you better bet I’ll be back for more.