Sweet Delights from Momofuku Milk Bar

Mr. T was craving something sweet the other night so I ran out to one of my favorite dessert places to see what I could get at Momofuku Milk Bar.

I was so excited to see a ton of new offerings! I think it was autumn the last time I stopped in. They still had my usual chocolate chip cake and compost cookies, but now there also had a carrot cake, banana cake and a slew of new pies. I had my eye on the banana cake but then I remembered that these dessert choices should be more about Mr. T’s likes and not mine. So I ended up getting the Cinnamon Bun Pie and the Chocolate Malt Cake.

The Cinnamon Bun pie was kind of a disappointment. First of all, I was expecting a great cinnamon smell from the microwave when I heated it up. Unfortunately the heat did little to intensify the pie smell and just made it a little more soft and melty. The middle of pie had all of the cheesecake and brown butter filling while the outside was just a big mass of bread. The filling was so sweet I couldn’t even stomach more than one bite, while the outside was so boring it didn’t even live up to a decent coffee cake. Quite a big fail in the dessert department.

Luckily I always make sure I buy two desserts just in case this should happen. The Chocolate Malt Cake was amazing!!!

Chocolate cake malted milk crumbs and charred marshmallows all squished in and topped with some super fudgy malt frosting. So good! Chocolate and marshmallow are possibly two of the best flavor combinations ever. The charred marshmallow was somewhat reminiscent of a Smore’s but with such a ridiculously rich fudge frosting I never even thought about the lack of a graham cracker.

OMG I know these were supposed to be Mr. T’s desserts but I couldn’t put my fork down. All of a sudden the cake was gone and I realized that I had done most of the eating.

Oh well, luckily he didn’t mind too much. I can’t resist a good chocolate dessert and this is up there with some of the best I’ve ever had. This is a serious chocolate dessert. Make sure you pour a big cold glass of milk before diving into this baby. I love you Momofuku!


Ava said…
Over thanksgiving Milk had "Stuffing" flavored soft serve ice cream. It was awesome/terrible - a must-try in sample size.
Roze said…
OMG stuffing flavored! I don't even like the real stuff! Leave it up to them to try that out- definitly sample size only.