Late Night Eats- NY Noodletown

It's no surprise that one of our favorite late night eat joints (especially now that Ziggiz's is gone)is NY Noodletown. This place is always packed into the wee hours of the morning with everyone from drunken hipsters to extended family get togethers with grandmothers, grandfathers the whole lot!

I had been reading about a dish on Serious Eats last week that I had yet to try there. It looked so good that late Saturday night, or possibly very early Sunday morning between a choice of bedtime or food time, we chose food.  We chose the Singapore Chow Funn.

Big broad noodles perfect for soaking up all the spicy sauce from the chilies and onions. There was a surprisingly large amount of shrimp and pork throughout the entire dish making this one hearty inexpensive meal. We really could have split this and been full be we had to order one more thing- Mr. T's favorite. The Salt Baked Squid.

Usually we order the Salt Baked Shrimp but they were surprisingly not listed on the menu? Anyone know why that might be? The squid was a good stand in though. Anything salt baked gets that wonderful crispy, bullet of goodness. Is there any better food to have after a few too many late night beers? I think not.