Croissants at Panya

I stopped into Panya Sunday morning to pick up some breakfast bites for myself. I couldn’t decide if I wanted something savory or sweet so I got both! The first was their mini ham and cheese croissant.

Wow! I was really surprised how good their croissant was! I wasn’t expecting much but it was a perfect flaky, golden and buttery delicious delight. It was stuffed with big pieces of salty ham and chunks of gooey American cheese. Now exactly a healthy start to my day but certainly a delicious one!

The other croissant- the cookie croissant didn’t fare as well. I was intrigued because of the name but it didn’t really have much substance. It was a little bit dry and kind of devoid of any flavor, much less something sweet. Compared to the former it was certainly an inferior product. I’ll be sticking to the regular croissants from now on.