Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm recovering from a huge meal filled with lots of meat and Belgian beer at Resto last night. More on that later when I sift through the alcohol laden memories.

I’m actually still working on completing my wish list from 2008. I’ve done pretty well but I still have three more places to go. I figure I will just tack them onto this year’s wish list and see what happens. I know Mr. T and I have to be a bit more frugal this year what with wedding expenses coming up and all. However this list could always be extended into 2011 if it needs be (and it probably will need to be).

So here goes- the first three are the ones still from 2008:

Perilla (completed 2/14/10)
Union Square Café (completed 9/13/10)
Bonnie’s Grill (wings)
Marea (completed 1/14/10)
PDT (completed 12/10)
Tpoutine (closed)
Loconda Verde
Del Posto( completed 8/20/10)
Char No 4
Le Bernardin
Maialino (completed 1/2/10)
Yerba Buena (completed 1/26/10)
Keens (completed 11/6/10)

Man that’s a long list. Looks like I better start making some reservations!


Amanda said…
Oh, you're going to LOVE Perilla! It was our favorite meal ever! If they still have it and you like chocolate, you should definitely order the chocolate torte. It was the best chocolate dessert I've ever had. AMAZING!
Tasty Trekker said…
Amanda I am a chocolate fiend!! I will absolutely check that out. Rock chalk!