A New Hershey's???

I just happened to be in Times Square last week for a work function. If you live in NYC you probably try to avoid Times Square as much as possible. It's just really crowed, noisy and filled with people handing out fliers for everything!!

Since I don't find myself there very often I decided to check out a couple places, one being the Hershey store.

As I was walking around looking at the usual bars, kisses and nuggets, something caught my eye.

A Green Tea Hershey Bar! I couldn't believe it! The bar wrapping was written entirely in Chinese so it's quite obvous they haven't begun manufacturing these for regular U.S. consumtion just yet.

We LOVE anything at all with green tea so I bought one and dug in.

The green tea had a slight artificial flavor but I still thought it was good.

As far as chocolate goes I don't think Hershey is winning any compititions when you have chocolatiers like Maison de Chocolat around, but I grew up on the almond bars so it holds a special place in my heart.

I really think there would be a market for this bar here in the US though and I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see it out on the shelves soon. If you find yourself in Times Square you might want to pick one up.