Bordeaux- Glouton Le Bistro

Monday evening in Bordeaux was pretty quiet.  Most of the restaurants were closed but we were able to find a cute little bistro called Glouton that was listed as vegetarian friendly and accepted online reservations for six people (not an easy find in Bordeaux).

Although it didn't seem vegetarian friendly at first.  The tiny chalkboard only listed two appetizers, two entrees and dessert; but after speaking with the waiter we were presented with a few additional options that sounded wonderful.  I'm obviously not vegetarian but the options sounded so good I jumped on board with the veggie set.

Burrata is always delicious on its own but add on freshly ground pesto, basil and some of the thickest, juiciest heirloom tomatoes in existence and a this normally delicious Burrata became knock your socks off kind of good.

It was followed by a wonderful creamy Risotto studded with mushroom, cherry tomato and spring onion that tasted just as fresh and seasonal as the Burrata.  

For dessert a Black Cherry Floating Island which provided a sweet and simple end to a lovely meal.  

15 Rue de Freres Bonie
Bordeaux 330000