Hanoi House

St Marks has always been one of my favorite streets in the city.  It's always so lively, with great spots like Cafe MogadorProletariat and the wonderful Hanoi House.  This cozy little spot is currently churning out some of the best Northern Vietnamese food in the city.

I suggest starting every meal with the crispy Pig Ear & Papaya Salad; it's bright and citrusy with a satisfying crunch from the peanuts and pig finished with a sweet soy dressing. 

Crispy Spring Rolls are another great starter, filled with creamy pork and crab alongside a salty, sour nuoc cham. 

And of course the signature Hanoi Style Beef Pho that's been simmering for 16 hours, filled with slices of Black Angus filet mignon, brisket and rice noodles.  Guests can add in bone marrow and oxtail if they choose but I find the classic broth has just the right amount of rich, fatty flavor to make my stomach incredibly happy.

Hanoi House
119 St. Marks Place
New York, NY 10009