New Brew Friday- Kiwi Melon Meerts

It's New Brew Friday and today we're celebrating at the shores of North Carolina with a delightful beverage from Wisconsin's Funk Factory Geuzeria, the Kiwi Melon Meerts.

This gueuze pours a bright yellow with lots of fizzy bubbles up top and aromas of fresh melon, lemon rind and funk. The flavor is tart kiwi up front with a strong acidity that smooths out with more funk and soft melon tones in the finish.  Clocking in at just 4.5 % this fruity, refreshing Meerts is the perfect beverage for sipping in the sun on a steamy summer day.  Cheers to New Brew Friday!

Funk Factory Geuzeria 1602 Gilson Street
Madison, WI 53715