Purdy's Farmer and the Fish

I love going out to eat in Upstate New York, everything just feels more cozy and comfortable than city restaurants.  The Farmer and the Fish in Prudy's is a great example of this.  While I enjoy the sleek look of the Gramercy outpost the one in Purdy's has so much more character.  It's located in an old house built back in 1775 with worn wooden floors, a roaring fireplace and fresh grown vegetables dotting the garden out back.  Its a beautiful spot and their brunch menu is pretty wonderful as well.

Roasted Scallops served on a bed of frisee lettuce with crispy chunks of bacon, fingerling potatoes and a sunny side up egg with lemon aioli. I was a little worried about having scallops for the first meal of the day but this dish was fantastic.  The bacon gave a rich smokey depth to the salad and the egg was cooked to be a little bit runny, which is just the way I like it.

The salad was more than enough for a brunch entree but we decided to add on an order of the Polenta Fries and I suggest you do the same.  These thick strips were fried to a crisp golden brown with a salty exterior perfect for dipping into the spicy sauce on the side.

Farmer and the Fish
100 Titicus Road
North Salem, NY 10560