Jordan's Lobster Dock

I love New York so much.  Just when I think I've seen everything, I find something completely new and different like the fantastic Jordan's Lobster Dock.  Located on the very tip of Sheepshead Bay this family owned fish market and clam bar has been serving up delicious seafood since 1938.

I knew I was about to have a great experience when this giant yellow fisherman greeted me from down the road.

The restaurant itself is quite mall with about 10 tables inside along with a bar, an outdoor patio and a fish market in the very back (plus a huge TGI Fridays behind that seemed terribly out of place).

I had been planning to dive into some big, briny oysters but the spring weather had suddenly turned back into winter on my walk and I realized a soup would be a much better option.  Jordan's Lobster Bisque was the perfect choice; thick and buttery with chunks of fresh lobster dotting each delicious bite.

This soup was just one of the many items listed on Jordan's Ten Dollar and under menu making this an incredibly affordable little spot to visit.  

3165 Harkness Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11235