Rainy Days at Radiance Tea House

Saturday was such a cold, wet mess the only thing Mr. T and I felt like doing was curling up with a big bowl of matcha at Radiance Tea House.

I used to frequent the Midtown West location quite a bit but this was my first time at the East Side restaurant.  The space was a bit smaller and more sparsely decorated but the tea and food list was just as extensive as always.

After some soothing sips of tea and biscuits an order of Szechuan style wontons arrived.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with these dumplings lately.  Ever since Yaso Tangbao took wontons off their menu I have this insane fear deep down that they will be erased from menus everywhere and can't stop eating them.  The radiance dumplings were much firmer than most with big chunks of fresh white meat chicken sprinkled with green onion and cilantro.

Mr. T added on an order of Golden Crispy Oversized prawns and these were seriously the biggest shrimp I've ever seen; easily four to five times the size of a regular shrimp with a delicious crispy crumb exterior.  

It was the perfect relaxing Saturday afternoon meal.  I think all rainy days should be spent inside a warm cozy tea house.

208 East 50th Street
New York, NY 10022