Memorial Day Weekend- Fowler & Wells and Upstate Oyster Bar

This year's Memorial Day Weekend was a bit different than in the past.  Instead of hitting up the usual BBQ's and bottle shares we stayed right in the city for the entire weekend.  Mr. T was still recovering from a brutal cold so we decided to take a break from friends and just enjoy the empty city at a slow relaxing pace with a trip downtown to the Financial District.  Mr. T had never seen the new World Trade Center Oculus or Brookfield Place so we explored that two spots, then over to the 911 Memorial and the downtown Eataly, through Stone Street until it was finally time for a drink at the new Beekman Hotel bar Fowler & Wells.  Cocktails seemed in order after our long trek- a Pink Lady for me and the Jungle Bird for Mr. T.

This spot was opened by Chef Tom Colicchio and it's absolutely gorgeous.  The main room feels like an elaborate old library with large wooden bookcases lining the walls, big plush blue chairs and couches surrounding small lamp lit tables and over the top golden walls. The center has a large skylight that looks all the way up each floor of the beautiful hotel.  

The drinks were wonderful.  Mr. T's was made with Cruzan Black Strap Rum which has a deep molasses, clove flavor that added an interesting sweet but savory component to the pineapple and Campari.  After our cocktails we headed up to the East Village for our annual Memorial Day dinner at Upstate Oyster Bar.  I love this little spot so much.  I almost always get the Scallop dish of the day...

...while Mr. T gets either a shrimp dish or the house favorite Fettuccine with clams.  

We added on an order of Marlin Crudo with sturgeon caviar and creme fraiche that absolutely blew my mind.   This was one of those eyes locked, no talking, just eating and nodding moments between me and Mr. T. I think this was my first experience with Marlin and I certainly hope it won't be my last.

After dinner we made one more quick stop up the block at Huerta's for their incredible churros and then it was time to head home.  Another great Memorial Day in the books!

5 Beekman Street
New York, NY 10038

95 1st Avenue at 6th Street
New York, NY 10003