Sundays at 21 Greenpoint

Located just about as far west as one can go before ending up in the East River sits 21 Greenpoint; a new bar and restaurant by Homar Murray, Bill Murray's son.  This place was jam packed opening weekend with Bill himself behind the bar slinging drinks.  Now the restaurant has settled into a cozy, comfortable vibe serving excellent food and one of the best culinary deals in town.

Every Sunday 21 Greenpoint serves a special tasting menu of four to five dishes using leftover items from the weekends dinner/brunch prep.  This allows the chef to have complete creativity with the meal and cuts down on the constant problem of food waste. Plus the entire meal is only $21 which is an absolute steal in this city. 

My first meal began with a wonderful Sauerkraut soup studded with chive, onion and a dusting of pepper.

Next up Pickled Cucumbers layered with ribbons of fennel and onion.

A fluffy golden brown biscuit served with creamy mozzarella butter, eggplant and a tart raspberry compote for the best of both sweet and savory.

For the main entree a Spanish Omelet stuffed with potato and garlic alongside spicy grilled chorizo and sauteed veggies.

For dessert a warm Roasted Apple topped with creamy ricotta cheese and drizzled with honey.  It was a fabulous meal and one that changes not just every Sunday but with the time of day.  I visited around 3:00 PM and caught the tail end of brunch so next visit I'm planning to go a bit later to check out some of the creative dinner plates.

In addition to the incredible food don't forget to add on one of their signature cocktails- they're absolutely fabulous. 

21 Greenpoint
21 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222