More Goodness at Otto

I absolutely love the change of seasons we're going through right now.  I honestly don't understand why anyone would want to live where it stays one temperature all year round.  Each season brings me back to old favorites; outdoor patios in the summertime, cozy fireplaces in the middle of winter and on a blustery late fall afternoon the bar at Otto calls for a long leisurely lunch.

I always begin with their Baby Spinach Salad drizzled with truffle honey butter and chunky ricotta salata.  I'm absolutely obsessed with the combination of bitter, salty and sweet flavors going on here. 

Mr. T is obsessed with their Spaghetti Carbonara tossed with squares of pancetta, egg, scallions and butter.  We order these two things almost every visit but then we always pick a third to try out something new- this time the Cacio e Pepe Pizza.

Fresh mozzarella, cacio, pecorino and parmigiana cheese dusted with black pepper and extra virgin olive oil on thin, crisp griddled dough.  This pizza was excellent; pliable enough in the center to fold but retaining those extra crisp edges with all that salty, buttery cheese goodness on top. Bring on this cold blustery weather- if you need me I'll be at Otto.

Otto Pizzeria
One 5th Avenue at 8th Street
New York, NY 10003