The Birthday Croissant from Union Fare

This city's seen no shortage of rainbow colored items in the past few years.  Just about everything from bagels to doughnuts, ice cream and cakes has had its colorful moment.  And now it's time to welcome in the newest bright and happy food the Birthday Croissant.

Created by the pastry chef at Union Fare this flaky delicacy is loaded with lush pink mascarpone cream studded with rainbow sprinkles and Funfetti chunks baked right into the dough. The outside is then dusted with pink fairy dust made from the ground up sprinkles.

It might not be as mind blowing as the first Rainbow Bagel (that was like WHOA!) but it's a fun delicious treat perfect for surprising a co-worker or friend who needs a little morning celebration in their life.

Union Fare
6 East 18th Street between 5th & Broadway
New York, NY 10003