New Brew Friday- Triple Sunshine

It's absolutely stunning outside today...the perfect excuse to crack open something special and celebrate. Something big and bold like Lawson's Triple Sunshine from Vermont.

The aroma of this beer is just glorious.  It reminds me of being on a tropical island filled with fresh mango, papaya and orange that have all been peeled open.  The taste is exactly the same as the smell...more juicy tropical fruits, peach, mango and pineapple with a touch of honey and pine. The super creamy mouthfeel hides the booze and makes this 10.5% beer ridiculously drinkable. This is easily the best triple IPA I've ever had and nothing even comes close to touching it.  Of course something this wonderful is almost impossible to get. A trip to Vermont on the exact right day or a great friend who's willing to share are about the only two ways.  So call up someone you know and hope for a great start to the weekend- Cheers!

Warren, VT 05674