Brunch at Florian Cafe

In the continuing battle to find delicious brunch spots without the insane brunch crowds we stumbled into Florian, an Italian cafe and trattoria from the Fireman Hospitality Group.  The restaurant was practically empty when we arrived which made Mr. T extremely happy and me a bit nervous.  Reassuringly full is more my mantra but after settling in to their namesake cocktail the Saint Florian and a round of creamy burrata my worries vanished into thin air.

The Spaghetti Carbonara was excellent- thin noodles cooked al dente and dressed with butter, pancetta, fried egg and a slice of pecornio.  

To balance the pasta a Very Nice Salad with arugula, endive, radicchio, anjou pear and apple-honey dressing.  I don't usually like fruit with my greens but this had a nice medley of bitter/sweet flavors that really worked.

And to round out the meal a Thin Crust Pizza with a cracker thin base covered in fresh mozzarella cheese and sweet Pomodora Sauce.  If thin crust is your thing then this pizza is a must.

225 Park Avenue South between 19th & 20th
New York, NY 10003