An Ode to Spring at Juni

I've always admired restaurants that change their menu based on the farmers market, but I've never had a meal that truly showcased the season with such artfulness as Juni.   My aptly named appetizer the Spring Inspiration arrived in a cloud of smoke that hung suspended in air like dense fog rolling across the grass on a chilly April morning.  Once the smoke cleared a stunning field of snow peas, asparagus and microgreens appeared; like budding flowers arising from their winter slumber.

A gorgeous Nova Scotia Halibut studded with lush greens and chickpeas evoked visions of a secluded koi pond just basking in the rays of the early season sun.

Of course these are only my interpretations of the food, perhaps Chef Hergatt had a completely different vision when creating these gorgeous plates.  But one thing is certain...this man is a master at his craft and I can't think of a more incredible way to celebrate Spring.

12 East 31st Street between 5th & Madison
New York, NY 10016