Takumi Taco

I was having a serious Spicy Tuna Roll craving at work last week.  Unfortunately the area around 34th and 10th is an absolute food wasteland.  But I did a quick search on Google Maps and to my complete shock Takumi Taco popped up just blocks away. Being this was one of my Smorgasburg favorites I quickly hurried over...although finding this place wasn't exactly easy.

It's hidden away in the Starett-Lehigh office building.  In order to get in I had to speak with two different security guards, decipher the bizarre elevator system (which I never really did someone just helped me out) and traverse around the 17 Floor hallways until I finally spotted their tiny taco truck. Apparently they don't get outside visitors much.  Since I had made such a trek it only seemed appropriate to order the 17th Floor roll which had spicy tuna inside, eel sauce, spicy mayo, spicy soy and a topping of crispy onions.

The spicy tuna roll was awesome as always.  I should have stuck with regular because I found the sauces on top a bit too fiery.  But it actually worked out perfect; I took some off and put them on my taco instead.

The short rib was a bit on the dry side so the addition of crispy onions and spicy sauce made it a ton better.

The Bento Box lunch also came with tortilla chips and two warm Chocolate Chip cookies.  For $12 total I would say this was definitely worth the journey.

Takumi Taco
601 Wast 26th Street
17th Floor Truck Bay
NY, NY 10001