Lunch at Blenhiem

Blenheim is one of the newest farm-to-table restaurants on the block, taking over the Smorgas Chef space in the West Village.  I absolutely loved the decor inside...smooth shiny concrete tabletops, fresh flowers around the room and big windows up front just perfect for people watching.

It was cozy and minimalist; perfect for a pleasing aesthetic but perhaps a bit too one note when it came to food options.  The menu is small...really small...with only four entrees.

The Short Rib and Bread Pudding sounded too heavy for lunch and I've never been a huge Ploughman fan.  The Omelet would have been my choice but I had eggs for breakfast that day so I ended up with an appetizer of Mizuna Greens.

Big hunks of smoked blue cheese studded the greens with sliced apples and trout roe on top.  It was a nice blend of salty, stinky and sweet but the blue cheese was so overpowering I found myself reaching for the bread and butter constantly to quell the richness of the dish.

With such a limited menu it will be very interesting to see how Blenheim fares in the coming months.  The restaurant was only about a quarter full when I dined...not the best sign for the hopping West Village area.

Blenheim Restaurant

283 West 12th Street @ West 4th
New York, NY 10014