Vermont- Worthy Burger

We had time for just one pit stop on our drive back to NYC and I have to say we chose a pretty great one. Worthy Burger is a craft beer and burger bar right in South Royalton, Vermont. It's a casual set order your food at the bar, take a number and they buzz you once your food is ready.  The small menu consists of six different burgers with various topping options like caramelized onions, bacon and fried green tomato.  The toppings sounded incredible but since this was my first experience at Worthy I wanted to try the burger in it's most natural state...medium rare with cheddar cheese and a side salad with cucumber ranch dressing.

I think I was stuck in salad mode from the delicious Crisphead I had eaten all week at Prohibition Pig.  The cumber dressing was awesome but I found myself wandering over to Mr. T's crispy, delicious french fries much more often that he wanted me too :)

The burgers are grilled on Vermont hardwood and arrive with lettuce and onion on a Worthy bun.  Everything about this burger is tall...I had trouble getting my hands around it but once I tasted the sweet smoky flavor of the meat I tossed the toppings and focused solely on that and the Cabot Cheddar cheese.

The beer list at Worthy was incredible.  Dave Brodrick aka the "Beer Dude" and founder of Blind Tiger oversees the menu. I was only sad we didn't have time to sample some more before heading out the door.

Great beers, good burger...this place might be a bit off the beaten path but certainly "worthy" of a return visit.