Francois Payard Bakery

My parents are visiting this weekend so I was scouting out some of my favorite dessert places near their hotel.  Of course scouting turned into eating as it usually does when pastries look this incredible.

This is the Dulce Creme Brulee Tart....a flaky almond shell filled with a thick dulce de leche ganache, fluffy vanilla bavarois and a handful of candied almonds on top.

This was the perfect combination of salty and sweet..that buttery tart just sealing the deal.  Extra Bonus Francois himself was in the back while I was there! A firm winner in the parent dessert tour.

Payard Patisserie


Unknown said…
Payard is hands down the best french patisserie in nyc- the louvre cake is a favorite. Be sure to go for the buche de noel at the holidays.
Roze said…
Ooooh...I was looking at The Louvre Cake. Thanks for the suggestion!