Brunch at Buvette

I felt like I'd hit a wall last week.  The last three months have been filled with so many trips, visitors and all around craziness Mr. T and I haven't had a day to just be alone and relax a little.  So when Saturday rolled around we planned a total break day...nothing to do, no one to was glorious!  We slept in super late ( I could have slept for days), walked down to Washington Square Park and lounged in the sun for a while then stopped into one of my favorite little French bistros for brunch- Buvette.

We sat in the tiny back garden and sipped on Mimosas made with fresh squeezed orange juice...

...then dove into a plate of fluffy, buttery scrambled eggs topped with pecorino and favorite breakfast combination of all time.

... and a plate of thick buttery waffles wrapped around crisp bacon, melted gruyere and a sunny side egg...the ultimate breakfast sandwich!  It was delicious and serene...the perfect way to get a  little recharge.