Rossopomodoro To Go from Eataly

Since Eataly continues to be a madhouse almost every time I go inside it’s nice they opened up a takeout spot on 24th street. I stopped by the other day to check out the pizza from Rossopomodoro. There were about 12 different types of pizza on the menu which all sounded fabulous. Since it was my first time however I decided to start with the basic a San Marzano (Margarita) pizza.

Within about 10 minutes of ordering my pie I was out the door with this cute little pizza box in hand. Can you see the heart shaped cut outs on top? Very nice! I got back to my apartment and opened up the goods.

I have to tell you the smell was absolutely wonderful. Fresh basil just emanated from the pie and the crust had some nice gorgeous puffy pockets just begging to be ripped into.

However looks can be deceiving and unfortunately I didn’t love this pizza as much as I thought I would. My biggest problem would have to be the texture. I understand with Neapolitan pizza you need to let it cool for a few minutes so the cheese and sauce can set. It had about 10 minutes on my walk home and another five minutes out of the box and still it was a gloppy soupy mess. The middle of the pizza was so thin I could barely pick it up. Once I did get a piece in hand the sauce and cheese just slid all over the place making each bite a messy uneven experience.

Now let’s talk about the basics. The cheese and basil were wonderful that’s for sure. It was obvious they only use the highest quality of ingredients and that really shined through. The cheese had a buttery texture that I could happily munch on all day. However I didn’t enjoy the pizza sauce at all. The chunks of tomato tasted very sweet like they had been tossed with a lot of sugar. And unfortunately the upskirt was a little too charred for my tastes.

I’m not going to write Rosopomodoro off just yet- that cheese was really good. But I think they have some kinks to work out. I’ll give them a little more time to settle in and focus on Eataly’s desserts until then.