Happy Birthday Dad!- Part II

After such a wonderful lunch at Café Sabarsky we just had to follow that meal up by going to my Dad’s second favorite place in the city- Gramercy Tavern- for dinner.

I’ve written about the tavern so many times by now I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record. Therefore I’ll keep this one short and simple to the two new things I tried that night.

First up the Rickshaw Cocktail. This is a blend of vodka, lime and basil. This drink was so smooth I easily could have put back four or five. It was light, satisfying and incredibly refreshing. Being that it was a Monday night I limited myself to two. However I went home immediately and looked up the recipe online. I’ve got some basil simple syrup making in my future that’s for sure.

For my appetizer I also tried something new this time- the Calamari and Carrot Salad. Why it’s taken me so long to try this dish I have no idea. The calamari was incredibly soft and the carrot slaw was given a nice kick from the zesty lemon vinaigrette. For a little crunch factor they sprinkled in some toasted pine nuts. It was such a clean, well executed summer dish. And quite a large portion as well! I was basically stuffed afterwards (could have been the huge sausages I had at lunchtime as well).

So there you have it- another great meal at the Tavern and an all around wonderful birthday for my Dad. Cheers!

Gramercy Tavern