The $1 Slice

Some crazy stuff happened over this past weekend in my hood. The Tasty-D-Lite across the street closed down and two new things moved in. Two new cheap eat things! First up $1 Pizza.

This little shop opened on Saturday right next door to Terakawa. I have to say it wasn’t a very grand opening. One lone man was working inside and one lone pie sat on display. I was not deterred however and ponied up a bill for my slice.

Unfortunately this $1 pizza really tastes like $1 pizza. There was hardly any sauce. In the picture it looks saucy but the tomato paste was incredibly thin and almost a little bit hard. There was an ample amount of cheese but the slice had little to no flavor at all. It even kind of hurt my throat trying to swallow it down. I was not impressed.

The true test of this pizza joint was Mr. T declaring that he liked the pizza. That sealed the deal in my book. He always likes terrible pizza.

The other opening I’m much more excited about- Mike’s Papaya. A hot dog joint right across the street! This is seriously life changing! It’s not open as of yet but it looks ready to any day now. My life just got a little bit better.