The Signature Dish at John Michael's

Mr. T’s parents took us out to a wonderful dinner last week right before our trip to Mexico. We traveled up into his hometown and to the wonderful, comfy and quaint John Michael’s restaurant located in North Salem. The restaurant is absolutely beautiful with gorgeous stone walls at the entrance, polished wooden floors and more fireplaces than the eyes can see! We got seated right in front of the main fireplace and it was just lovely feeling the warmth of the flames on such a chilly winter day.

Now I’m only going to report on one dish basically because I was actually quite under the weather with a cold and didn’t feel like taking pictures or trying people’s dishes. However, even through my sickness, this appetizer was so good it would be criminal not to share with the rest of the world.

John Michael’s Signature Foiejitas.

So just what are foiejitas? Basically Hudson Valley Foie Gras with marinated red pepper and candied shallots inside a nutmeg crepe. Oh my goodness what a signature dish. I have never enjoyed foie gras this much in my life I don’t believe I ever will again.

Looking at the dish I expected it to be overtaken by the heavy, fat flavor of the foie gras. Instead it was a silky, sweet fajita with flavors blending together so harmoniously it was almost unbelievable. I was able to taste each element of this dish without one component overpowering another. What a fantastic dish!

The Foie was definitely the highlight of the meal but the rest was fantastic as well. The veal Chateaubriand was exceptionally moist and complemented by a sweet mission fig compote, the filet had an excellent charred outer crust and look at the presentation of the duck.

Someone is taking a lot of pride in their work and that someone is John Michael. At the end of the meal John Michael himself came out to make sure everyone enjoyed their meal. It was so nice to see a well known chef not only in the kitchen, but also ensuring his guests are pleased. It was a wonderful meal all around and I highly recommend it if your taking a trip upstate.

John Michael's