Sahadi's in Brooklyn Heights

I consider myself very lucky to have such an awesome specialty food store like Kalystuyans in my neighborhood. Maybe too lucky. I’ve been working in Brooklyn Heights for almost 5 years now and just yesterday I stopped inside of Sahadi’s.

Sahadi’s is a specialty shop that focuses on ingredients from the Far and Middle East. I couldn’t believe how much great stuff they had inside. Up front there was a bulk section with every kind of nut and seed imaginable, to the side there was an insane variety of cheeses and in the back there were more kinds of pate than I had ever seen in my life.

Look at all this crazy stuff.

After walking around the store for a while I noticed that a little further back, they also had a little kitchen selling different kinds of sandwiches and middle eastern salads. I was starving so I decided to order the Kafta Sandwich for lunch.

After waiting for about 5 minutes the woman behind the counter handed me my sandwich. It weighed a ton and only cost me $3.50 ?? That’s ridiculous. I brought it back to my office and dug into the behemoth pita pocket. There was no way to pick it up alone. It was bursting with so much stuff I needed two hands just to steady it so I could eat.

Unfortunately I didn’t really care for the taste. The lamb was kind of mealy and really undercooked. I like my lamb chops on the rare side but with a lamb sandwich I don’t really want to see too much pink. The meat here was bright pink inside and made me a little bit nervous.

The spices were a bit too much for me as well. I had almost instant indigestion and it stayed with me the entire day. I guess you get what you pay for when you’re only paying $3.50. So unfortunately the sandwich didn’t work out but I would go back to pick up some groceries. Their prices were reasonable and the variety really can’t be beat.



Gar said…
i was just at Sahadi's yesterday. Just went for the bulk section only and got a phyllo spinach pie next door at Damascus.