Back from Mexico!!!!

Mr. T and I just returned from a wonderful, albeit quick, trip to Mexico yesterday. Both of us are absolutely exhausted but had such a fun time. We had more Pacificos and Miami Vices than one should probably consume in a lifetime and lots of tasty food.

This is actually some fish tacos we got before we were actually in Mexico at the Houston airport. They were surprisingly tasty. Nothing as good as we had in the actual vacation spot but good none the less.

The highlight of our food this trip was the awesome fried ice cream at our resort. Luckily we will be going back exactly one year and 22 days from today for our wedding (that will be the only time I count the days again...promise)

Yes we signed our contract and everything is a go for our destination wedding. Well actually nothing is done yet but at least we booked the hotel! Now we need to get our butts in gear and get all the planning done. Mexico we're coming!