Weekend Delivery- Grand Sichaun

The weekend is almost here so it's time for beers and delivery. Since I usually talk about beer, I decided to switch it up for this weekend and talk about one of our favorite delivery places Grand Sichuan.

Grand Sichuan is mostly known for it's spicy traditional Sichuan dishes, but tonight we were feeling a good old Americanized dish General Tso's Chicken.

We've had almost everything on Grand Sichuan's menu over the years (we order in a LOT) and I have to say that I have rarely been disappointed in the quality of anything. This was no different.

There were nice big chunks of white meat chicken in a tangy sauce that had a little kick in the end. It wasn't the best Chinese food I've ever had but it was really tasty for delivery.

I truly think one of the best things about living in NYC is the unlimited options of food that can be delivered right to your door. When Mr. T and I are feeling extremely lazy we can go for a week without cooking a thing. That's not the best thing for our wallet but sometimes it's nice to get a tasty hot meal without ever leaving the couch. Grand Sichuan delivers in every way.